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August 20, 2016


My name is Danny Guarino and I am a 19 year-old singer-songwriter from Centennial, Colorado. My E.P. is titled Pontiac and is a series of original songs that showcase my talents as a writer and musician. The set of five make up a genre that crosses between singer-songwriter, pop, and hip-hop. My lyrics can be described as uplifting and positive yet intimate and truthful at the same time. Not only do I bring my own unique style and genre but I also feel that my songs can touch listeners at a deep emotional level. I’ll now get into a quick description of each song.

The first track, titled “One Day” brings an upbeat pop/hip-hop feel. It’s a very catchy tune with heavy production and lyrics that discuss where I hope to make it one day.

The second track, “Beautiful Farewell” is stripped down to nothing but guitar and vocals. The song is about a breakup and has some of my strongest lyrics on the E.P. Its soothing and smooth melodies make it a song that I’m very proud of.

The next song, “Pontiac” is a hip-hop tune that is lots of fun with a simple hook and some solid rap verses. Put this together with some very lyrical rhymes and a chorus that people can easily sing along to and you have a solid track.

Fourth is “You”. This is a nice love song with a very pretty melody. It uses an interesting chord progression and I think listeners would definitely enjoy and connect with it.

Last I have “The Light” an inspirational song about always having faith in yourself. It’s driven by piano accompaniment and is really just a beautiful recording.

Number six is an acoustic version of “One Day”. It’s interesting to hear the difference between the two productions with one being heavily produced and the other being completely raw.

This wraps up my E.P. and I really hope you take my songs into consideration. Thank you for your time!

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